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in collaboration with VERONA SPORT SSD ARL and the MUNICIPALITY of VERONA,

organize the





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  • Technical gadget;

  • medal for the athletes who arrived;

  • medical assistance;

  • insurance;

  • refreshments;  

Not sure how to verify your registration?


Click on the button verify your registration by entering your surname and name in "Check registration status".

How to print your confirmation letter?

  • Enter your name and surname in "Check registration status"

  • Click on your subscription

  • Enter the required data to continue

  • Print your confirmation letter.

The CONFIRMATION LETTER will be sent by email 5 days before the event.

The CONFIRMATION LETTER will be available only for those registered who will be REGULAR with their registration.


The bib can be collected at the EXPO at the AGSM forum  - Piazzale Azzurri d'Italia.

  • Friday February 10, 2023 - from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm * (recommended day to avoid crowds)

  • Saturday February 11, 2023 - from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm * (recommended day to avoid crowds)

  • Sunday February 12, 2023 - from 7.30 am to 8.30 am


  • Residents in the province of Verona will be able to collect the bib only and exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays.


The withdrawal can also take place for  delega  upon presentation of the confirmation letter and all the documents requested in the same for the withdrawal.

The  TECHNICAL GADGET   will be delivered after the race bib has been collected.

​ ​


To access the grid, you must arrive 20 minutes before the departure time to check:

  • Bib number


IMPORTANT: Athletes who have started in different grids from those assigned will not be classified.




The time limit to finish the race is 2 hours.

Athletes who run slower and who do not respect the time limit will be required to observe the rules of the highway code.


There will be refreshment points along the route.

Distribution of water in closed 0.5l bottles (cap only loosened, to be thrown near the tables of the volunteers).

Managed by volunteer staff.


The toilets will be available in the start / finish area.

Toilet toilets will be available in the refreshment areas along the route


Along the way, assistance will be guaranteed according to the health plan structured by the Italian Red Cross.


The diplomas will be downloadable from TDS website starting from the day following the event.


The service will be managed by  Phototoday Srls  who becomes solely responsible towards the competitors registered for the Event.





For non-competitive events these services are not available.

In case of non-participation in the race, the registration fees will not be refundable.

In case of cancellation of the event due to COVID19, all registrations will be transferred FREE of charge to the 2024 edition.

Communications must be sent in writing to info@veronamarathon.it




By signing the registration form for the Monument Run 10k, the athlete, from now on, expressly authorizes the organization to use free images, still and / or moving, portraying himself and taken on the occasion of his participation in the Monument Run 10k.

This authorization for the use of one's own image must be understood as granted indefinitely and without territorial limits throughout the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and not limited to, promotional and / or advertising materials. and made on all media.

The organization may also transfer the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties, its institutional and commercial partners.


By signing the registration form for Monument Run 10k, the participant accepts that personal data will be processed exclusively for the purposes strictly related to participation in the sporting event, in particular:
1. to formalize registration for events and for all related and consequential obligations;
2. to send the newsletter updating the status of the activities and updates related to the event (such as, for example, delays, changes of route, updates of regulations);
3. for updates related to the event, including the possibility of independently printing one's own certificate of participation;
4. for updates relating to the activities of the Organization as defined above;
5. for the insertion of personal data in the company's IT databases;
6. for fulfilments and obligations provided for by laws, regulations and community regulations or
by provisions issued by authorities legitimated by the law and by supervisory bodies e

The provision of data is mandatory for the achievement of the purposes connected to the registration and the obligations established by laws or other regulations, and is necessary for the correct establishment and continuation of the established relationship.

For anything not mentioned in this regulation, reference is made to the information on the website www.giuliettaeromeohalfmarathon.it





Participant acknowledges that participating in this event is potentially dangerous and should not register and take part in it unless medically fit and properly trained . 

The participant assumes full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident that may occur while traveling to or from the event, during the event or while in the places where the event itself takes place. He is also aware of the risks associated with participating in this event, such as (by way of example and not limited to) falls, contact with other participants, effects of wind, traffic and road conditions, and therefore assumes responsibility for them. . 

The participant, for himself and for his heirs and testamentary executors, with this waiver, frees and exonerates forever the organizers of the event, the sponsors, the promoters and each of their agents, representatives, successors and executors, and all other persons in any way associated with this event, (hereinafter "the Organization" from any liability, claim, legal action and compensation for damages that may be brought against them as a result of its participation in this event, or in any way connected with the same.
The participant is aware that this release includes any claim for facts caused by the negligence, action or default of any of the aforementioned parties.




By signing the registration form, the athlete declares to know and accept the rules of the Monument Run 10k, published on the website www.giuliettaeromeohalfmarathon.it and to be 18 years old on the date of the event.
He also expressly declares under his own responsibility, not only to have declared the truth (art.2 law 04/01/1968 n ° 15 as modified by art.3 paragraph 10 law 15/05/1997 n ° 127), but to exonerate the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or things caused by him or derived from him. Disclosure Art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 - Protection of privacy
I am aware that participating in Monument Run 10k is potentially a risky activity. I also declare to register voluntarily and I am also responsible in the case of registration of the minor, of which I am a parent or legal guardian, made by me. 

I assume all the risks deriving from my participation in the event: falls, contact with vehicles, with others
participants, spectators or other, weather conditions, including scorching heat, extreme cold and / or humid conditions, traffic and road conditions, any type of risk well known and assessed by me and any consequence deriving from illness and / or injuries suffered or caused to himself or to third parties, also attributable to the unsuitable physical condition, which may occur during and after participation in the event.
I therefore declare to renounce, now and for the future, on my behalf and for that of the minor of which I am a parent or responsible, to any request for compensation and indemnity in relation to the above.
I relieve and free, to the fullest extent permitted by the mandatory regulations in force, the Organizing Committee of the Monument Run 10k, GAAC 2007 VERONAMARATHON ASD, ASI, all the Sponsors and Partners of the event, their respective representatives, successors, officials, directors, members, agents and employees of the aforementioned companies, of all present and future complaints or responsibilities of any kind, known or unknown, deriving from my participation in the event and from that of those who participate in it under my responsibility.





The organization reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time in order to ensure a better organization of the race, after having communicated and obtained approval from FIDAL.
For anything not covered by this regulation, the technical statutory regulations of FIDAL and the GGG apply
Any changes to services, places and times will be appropriately communicated to the registered athletes or will be posted on the website www.giuliettaeromeohalfmarathon.it
The documentation containing the essential information for collecting the bib and taking part in the race will be sent by the organization to each registered athlete.